Practical TheOlogical Seminary

A Seminary Education For Everyone

There must be a better way people to be trained for ministry! Now there is! Practical Theological Seminary gives people the core classes of seminary at a fraction of the time, extremely low cost, and without uprooting their lives. Plus, no one has to quit their careers. I went to seminary for four years to receive my Master of Divinity Degree and another six years to earn my Doctor of Ministry Degree (I started 2 churches and my son had Leukemia so it took me longer than most).

Many students in our program will continue to faithfully serve in their church, the marketplace, and community upon graduation. Other students will move on to start new churches or ministries in other cities. Whatever your calling is by God, my desire is that you would spend two years with the Lord, studying His Word, and surrounding yourselves with other leaders who will push you to go deeper and fight harder for the Kingdom of God.

Seminary should not be for the select few. We must open other doorways for the masses to have access to the education found in our great seminaries. Practical Theological Seminary is one of those doors that is open for you. I pray you will hear from the Lord and be faithful to the path that He is laying before you. I hope you will prayerfully consider attending our seminary. Everyone should go to seminary. Why not you? (Click the link below to find out more.)